Gordon's Newsletter: July 2018 (Part 2)

26 Jul 2018
Gordon's Newsletter: July 2018 (Part 2)
I have just returned from three weeks in the United States, including a week in Washington DC, where the discourse seems to continue to be carried out via Twitter in all caps.
In the last two years, there has been a growing uncertainty and difficulty in the economic aspects of the liberal rules-based global order and a very real risk of a trade war between US and China - a topic I explore further in the video below.  
In recognising how important these economic trends are, we are pleased to launch a new research series focused on trade called 'Economics of the Indo-Pacific'. This series was initiated as a result of discussions held during our Trade Week during which we hosted former US Under Secretary Ambassador Frank Lavin and South Korea's former Minister for Trade, Dr Taeho Bark. 
  Both reports were authored by the Centre's Head of Research Dr Jeffrey Wilson, a renowned expert in the politics of trade agreements and regional economic integration.
I also wanted to share the articles and reports that I have read recently and that are helping inform my thinking on topics of contemporary importance in the Indo-Pacific and beyond.



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