Australia Holds Breath For U.S. Election Results

02 Nov 2020
Australia Holds Breath For U.S. Election Results
Australians may be focusing intently on the impact of US election outcome on our own nation, but we should be paying equal attention to how it will effect some of our nearest neighbours who we rely upon for trade and investment, and the Indo-Pacific region more broadly, according to Perth USAsia Centre CEO Professor Gordon Flake.

“Four years of the Trump Administration has seen the United States’ withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which serves as an important mechanism for United States to trade with the Indo-Pacific, and includes Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.”

“To add further complication, Australia’s long-standing Alliance with the United States is perhaps one of the most vital to securing the country's future prosperity, and so the decisions on who leads the United States over the next four years is imperative to our society,” Professor Flake said.

Perth USAsia Centre is a geopolitical think tank based at The University of Western Australia and will explore the impacts on Australia and the wider Indo-Pacific region at a free webinar being held on 9 November, Indo-Pacific Perspectives on the US Election, and will feature experts from across the region, including Indonesia, Singapore, India and Japan, as well as the Vice-Chair from the American-Australian Association.

Whilst many will argue that the Trump presidency has been beneficial for Australia, with exemptions on steel and aluminium tariffs for Australia, and the honouring of a refugee resettlement deal, it took two years for a US Ambassador to arrive in Australia, and the current Administration’s lacklustre approach to the importance of Asia relations has placed our nation in a difficult predicament.

“Australia’s relationship with Indo-Pacific cannot be considered without factoring in the impact and influence of the United States, and there is no doubt that during Trump’s term, the Indo-Pacific has been close to ignored for the important role these countries play on a global scale.”

Polling shows Biden will likely secure the President’s office, and this is slowly being confirmed by early voters, however Trump has indicated on more than one occasion that the transition will not be easy, or swift.

“Australia plays a crucial role in the Indo-Pacific and it is critical we quickly work to understand the response to the US Election being experienced in our key partner countries. This will shape the future of our international relationships for years to come. I look forward to being joined by former Ambassadors to the US from Singapore, Indonesia and Japan as well as experts from India and Australia” Professor Flake said.

The webinar will be held on 9 November 2020 virtually, commencing at 3pm Australian Western Standard Time, and registration is free. Secure your place here.

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