2020 US Election

2020 US Election


US Presidential race and election

The United States presidential race and election will be a significant event in 2020 and 2021, with global and long-lasting implications. Experts at the Perth USAsia Centre are focused on providing content, events and programs that help explain the democratic election process in the lead-up to election day, and following the result helping our audiences understand the impact of the outcome on Australia and the wider Indo-Pacific region.
Our sister Centre, the United States Studies Centre are available for comment on all aspects of US politics.

US 2020 Election: key dates and terms

The Perth USAsia Centre remains focused on providing content, events and programs that help explain the democratic election process in the lead-up to election day. 

The Perth USAsia Centre will provide regular updates on the potential implications of the US election for Australia and the region. Here is a brief breakdown of the key days and terms.


Upcoming Events

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How to Become President of the USA

This initiative from the US government, lets children learn about how to become president of the United States.

The US Poster Lesson Plan helps kids learn about the three main Constitutional qualifications for becoming the President, present information to the class in order to be an informed participant in a mock primary election, analyse and compare election campaigns in order to create their own campaign commercial or advertisement, participate in a mock general election, and more.