Women and National Security

Women and National Security

Women and National Security

By Krystal Hartig from Perth USAsia Centre | 29 May 2017

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The Perth USAsia Centre hosted Fulbright Distinguished Chair Fellow, Professor Valerie Hudson for a public lecture and panel discussion on Women and National Security on 29 May 2017. During the public panel discussion, three prominent figures joined Professor Hudson including Professor Dawn Freshwater, the Vice Chancellor of The University of Western Australia, Professor Carmen Lawrence, Australia’s first woman Premier and Treasurer of a State Government and Professorial Fellow of the University of Western Australia and Captain Angela Bond RANR, Perth USAsia Centre Research Fellow and former Commander of the HMAS Stirling.

Key Takeaways:

  •  During her presentation on Women and National Security, Professor Hudson highlighted the importance of women’s issues to foreign policy and national security by addressing fundamental security pillars:

    • Food security

    • Economic prosperity

    • Health governance

    • Demographics

  • Professor Hudson then drew upon her book Sex & World Peace introducing wounds created from current geopolitical norms:

    • The physical insecurity of women

    • Inequitable family law favouring men

    • Lack of parity in the councils of human decision-making

  • In summation, the panel discussion came to the following conclusions. The nature of women’s issues is all encompassing – both universal and unambiguous. Today, the Australian Defence Force has strongly advocated for women in security and it is important for women, especially when entering into a male-dominated professional environment, to go beyond being ‘just a number’ but also possess an ‘agenda for change’. It is also important to foster an environment where women and men do not have to be the same to be equals.

Krystal Hartig is a Research and Program Assistant at the Perth USAsia Centre

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