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South Asia Program

South Asia

As the Indo-Pacific continues to grow in importance and India emerges as an increasingly important strategic player, we will need to understand more about how New Delhi will shape the region.

india and its role in the indo-pacific

India is only just warming up to its role as an key actor in the Indo-Pacific region and the regional concept is finally striking a chord in India's strategic thinking. On this episode of the Perspectives podcast research Fellow, Natalie Sambhi, interviews Darshana Baruah, a research analyst with Carnegie India and former visiting fellow with the National Security College at the Australian National University on the emerging role of India within the Indo-Pacific region.

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Australia's Consul-General in Chennai, Mr Sean Kelly, discusses the future opportunities in South India, the day-to-day responsibilities of being a Consul-General and the recently signed West Australia-Andhra Pradesh Sister-State agreement.

With almost 26 years of unbroken economic growth, there are few countries in the world that can showcase the benefits that these kinds of reforms deliver as Australia can. This kind of commitment opens up new doors for economic engagement. And as close neighbours in the Indo-Pacific region, Prime Minister Modi and I are determined that Australia and India should work more closely together across all elements of our strategic partnership - business, trade, investment, research and innovation, security and defence cooperation.

Malcolm Turnbull
Prime Minister of Australia