Research and Program Assistant

Reginald Ramos

Reginald Ramos is a Research and Program Assistant at the Perth USAsia Centre. He currently develops and manages a range of programs that focus on the Indo-Pacific region, the Australia-Asia-U.S. strategic triangle and community engagement. He was the January - June 2017 Indo-Pacific Fellow for the Young Australians in International Affairs and previously worked for the international anti-modern slavery organisation, Walk Free Foundation, where he assisted researching and writing for the Global Slavery Index 2016 with a primary focus on the Asia-Pacific region, as well as a Research Analyst at Future Directions International under the Global Food and Water Crises program. 


  • 09 November 2017
    South Asia

    India's National Security and South Asia's Great Power Dynamics

    By Reginald Ramos and Dr Bibhu Routray
  • 01 May 2017
    South-East Asia

    Insight Series Vol 4 - Shifting Tides in the Sulu-Celebes Sea

    By Reginald Ramos
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