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Exploring China's "Maritime Consciousness": Public Opinion on the South and East China Sea Disputes, by Andrew Chubb

26 November 2014

The Perth USAsia Centre and our partner researcher, Andrew Chubb are proud to present Exploring China's "Maritime Consciousness:" Public Opinion on the South and East China Sea Disputes. The report contains the results of a Chinese-language public opinion survey conducted in March 2013, based on a sample size of 1,400 interviews with residents in five of China's major cities. Thanks to the creative efforts of The Office of Multidisciplinary Design and Setsquare Studios in Melbourne, the fascinating results of this data are portrayed using cutting-edge infographics presented in a format that is concise and easy to understand. This report is unique in that it seeks to understand how ordinary Chinese citizens view the disputes, and to measure the impact of their government's attempt to used media and propaganda channels to raise awareness of the disputes. Download here.

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