#MyOcean Photography Contest

#MyOcean Photography Contest

The Blue Zone ‘#MyOcean’ photography contest


On 2 October 2017, The University of Western Australia and the Perth USAsia Centre will be hosting In The Zone: The Blue Zone 2017. This event will spark a regional discussion that aims to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG14) of seeking to ‘Conserve and Sustainable use the oceans, seas and marine resources’.

The #MyOcean photography contest encourages high school and university students to capture the maritime theme of the Indo-Pacific focusing on an issue, challenge or opportunity in their ocean.


Submissions for the #MyOcean photography contest are open from 10 July 9:00am AWST until 8 September 2017 11:59pm AWST.

The photograph contest is open to all high school and university enrolled students from across the Indo-Pacific region. This includes countries such as Australia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.


All submissions must be made through the Perth USAsia Centre My Ocean website (www.perthusasia.edu.au/my-ocean) including:
  • First and last name
  • Contact e-mail address
  • High school/ university
  • Country of origin
  • Location of photo
Images must be original and unpublished work of the participant who must also be its copyright owner. Images can only be adjusted and edited to optimise the photograph, including cropping, brightness, contrast, and colour balance. Colour and black and white images may be submitted.

Images that have won prizes in prior competitions, or have been used for commercial purposes and/ or been published will not be eligible. Images cannot be digitally manipulated to distort the reality of the image. They may not have any watermarks or captions on them.

Image size and format

Images must be submitted in JPG or JPEG format between 2 - 10MB.


The images will be selected by a panel of judges. The judges will be appointed by the Perth USAsia Centre. The Winners and Finalists will be determined by the judges and the Perth USAsia Centre in accordance with the competition rules.

The panel of judges will evaluate the images based on the following criteria:
  • Originality and creativity
  • Artistic/ visual appeal
  • Relevance to the Blue Zone theme
The Perth USAsia Centre will not enter into any correspondence regarding the judging or organisation of the competition. The judging will begin from 9 September 2017.


The winner will be awarded AU $500.


The Perth USAsia Centre reserves the right to free reproduction of submitted images for use in print, broadcast and/ or electronic media without any fee payment, for the purpose of promoting the In The Zone Blue Zone conference.

The copyright will, at all times, be respected by the Perth USAsia Centre and retained by the photographer.

Where an image is reproduced by the Perth USAsia Centre, the photographer will be credited. The Perth USAsia Centre reserves the right to send e-mails promoting the contest.