Washington D.C. and LA Placement Program

Washington D.C. and LA Placement Program


Offered over the Australian summer break (January to March) the Los Angeles and Washington DC Placement Programs offer undergraduates a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study, work and live in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Designed for aspiring business leaders, the Placement Programs offer the best possible head start to your career. Combining study in American business and leadership skills, with a professional placement in a leading organisation, this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity for senior students preparing to enter the workforce.

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Washington D.C. and Los Angeles Program Details


The placement programs are open to students from The University of Western Australia's Faculty of Arts and Business School. This incredible opportunity allows you to:
  • Gain invaluable international experience
  • Learn about the intricacies of American business, politics, and culture
  • Network with business and government leaders
  • Receive credit towards your degree
  • Complement your studies through a professional placement
  • Participants will complete two units of study (equivalent to 18 credit points) at either the University California’s Los Angeles (Business students) or Washington DC (Arts students) campuses for credit towards their degrees.
To complement their studies, participants will also complete a professional placement in a wide range of organisations, including in business, entertainment, government, thinks tanks and NGOs.

Participants will receive credit for their internship experience by cross-institutionally enrolling in the University of Sydney’s placement units, which will be facilitated by Sydney academics in LA and DC. In total, participants will receive 18 credit points towards their degrees.




Before students submit their application, they must ensure that they can commit to the important dates in addition to meeting the following requirements:
Minimum WAM of 65% credit average
  • Have a current passport and be eligible for a US visa. (NB: If your passport is not valid for 6 months past the program end date, you will need to apply and receive your new passport prior to apply for a Visa).

  • Through personal and academic qualities demonstrate a potential to be an outstanding ambassador of your home institutions and faculties including the Perth USASIA Centre, the United States Studies Centre, the University of Western Australia and the University of Sydney Business School
  • Cultural awareness and understanding, as well as a specific interest in the United States of America is desirable
  • Please note that before students submit their application, they must ensure that they can commit to the important dates.
  • Additional requirements
For consideration in the Los Angeles Placement Program, students must be enrolled in a University of Western Australia Business School undergraduate degree (including combined degrees administered by the Business School) with at least 96 credit points of study.

For consideration in the Washington DC Placement Program, students must be currently enrolled in a University of Western Australia Arts undergraduate (including combined degrees administered by the Faculty of Arts at UWA) with at least 48 credit points of study.

(Please note: both programs are open to international students; however students should refer to the Embassy of the United States to clarify specific visa requirements before applying) 
rify specific visa requirements before applying) 



Students on the program will be allocated to a professional placement relevant to their field of study or interest where they will intern Monday through to Thursday. Though the skill set for each internship will vary, the same core requirements will hold for all: professionalism, integrity, strong oral and written communication, research skills, and the ability to work as part of a team. During this placement students will gain invaluable work expeirence in one of the most vibrant American working landscapes, make long-lasting professional contacts and be involved in significant organisations close to the heart of government. Students in past programs have previously interned at varied placements including: 

• American Enterprise Institute (AEI)           • Asia Foundation           • Capitol Hill         • CSIS       • Council of the District of Columbia            • DC Office of Planning (OP)
• East-West Center           • Global Giving           • IEDC           • Rio Tinto          • Sidley Austin LLP       • The Institute of International Finance      



The Washington DC Placement Program has been designed to give students an understanding of the US political system in the heart of the nation’s capitol. Students will complete courses alongside students from the University of California campuses, as well as visiting students from other universities across the US.  During their time on the placement program students will complete two courses offered by the Unviersity of California at the UCDC facility and one course offered by the University of Sydney, BUSS2500. This unit, offered by the University of Syndey's Business School, is compulsory for all students accepted into the program. The unit involves students undertaking a professional placement in Washington DC as well as preparatory coursework in reflective and professional practice and concurrent coursework on research methods, reporting and other professional writing skills. Assessment will include a reflective journal, research essay, and oral presentations based on the internship professional placement and study abroad experience. 

For the remaining two courses students will be asked to rank the a provided list of evening seminars and electives offered by UCDC in order of preference and will be placed into two units according to UCDC processes. These courses are commonly related to law, politics, diplomacy, international business and relations and other similar fields. More information about the 2018 unit list will be provided when it becomes available. 


Accommodation will be provided for the entire duration of the program in the fully contained UCDC building. The building is located opposite the Australian Embassy and five blocks from the White House. It includes residential apartments for over 270 staff and students, as well lecture halls, seminar rooms and recreational facilities. 
All students must stay in the accommodation provided by UCDC. This is a requirement of the course. Students are not permitted to stay with family or friends or to otherwise arrange their own accommodation under any circumstances.

Students will have access to the following UCDC residential facilities:
• 24-hr Fitness Centre
• Computer Lab
• Recreational space
• Laundry rooms
• Cable TV and Wi-Fi
• Mental Health Services
• Residential Life
• Terrace

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Applications for the placement programs have not yet opened for the 2018 program. The Centre expects the applications to open once semester 2 commences at UWA.  Please check again later for more information. 



  • 2015 Students at the Washington Monument
  • Flags on Capitol Hill
  • 2016 Cohort at the Washington Monument 
  • A UWA Student during their placement
  • A group of interns from the program on Capitol Hill