Foreign Policy Roundtables

Foreign Policy Roundtables

Foreign Policy Roundtables

Foreign policy roundtables are informal, private gatherings that convene Australia's strategic affairs experts to debate and discuss smart courses of action in Australian foreign policymaking and execution.

foreign policy white paper youth roundtable

The Australian Government began developing a foreign policy white paper in 2016, the first foreign policy White Paper since 2013. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) called for public submissions for the upcoming White Paper.

As part of this process, the Perth USAsia Centre in partnership with the DFAT WA branch in collaboration with the Australian Institute of International Affairs and the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Relations conducted Australia's only youth-focused foreign policy roundtable to inform DFAT's consultation process.

The Perth USAsia Centre submitted a foreign policy White Paper recommendation to the Australian Government on 27 February 2017. You can read the submission below:


richard j. heydarian - philippines under duterte

Philippine geopolitics specialist, Richard J. Heydarian, visited Perth in March 2017 to discuss Philippines foreign policy, the election of firebrand populist President, Rodrigo Duterte, the war on drugs and the future of ASEAN and the South China Sea.

Following the foreign policy roundtable discussion, Mr Heydarian sat down with the Centre to share his thoughts on the Philippines under President Duterte and the recalibration of Philippine foreign policy. You can watch his full video interview below: