Energy Security Program

Energy Security Program

Energy security program

With rapid changes in energy demand and consumption patterns in the Indo-Pacific region, concerns over security of supply are a growing issue for national governments. Policy responses are broadly described as measures to improve “energy security”. Attempts to enhance energy security influence geopolitics, accentuate existing tensions and could even provoke conflict. Directed by Andrew Pickford, the Energy Security program brings together energy sector leaders from across the region for a series of roundtables with the aim to better understand the tensions between market and security concerns and creates a forum for in-depth policy discussions on this capricious issue.

energy security publications

​china's grANd strategy and energy

This paper focuses on China's Grand Strategy and future energy security policies.
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​The transformation of asean

This paper focuses on the transformation of ASEAN and how the region perceives its own energy security.
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Western Australian Energy Maps

The Western Australian Energy Map is a series of maps and infographics that draw on a specifically designed database, as well as interviews with the electricity, oil and gas, academic and geo-political sectors, to consolidate information in a format that invites fresh insight and critical engagement.
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Smooth sailing? lng tipping points in the zone and geopolitical implications

This Indo-Pacific Insight series written by Research Fellows Andrew Pickford and Mark Stickells explores the geo-political implications of LNG tipping points.

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