Preventing Terrorism Organically

06 Jun 2017 By Emily Wise

To combat terrorism effectively, policymakers must include the community at large. Governments, media, non-governmental organisations, victims, and regular citizens are equally responsible for creating a united discourse that discredits terrorist narratives.

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Maritime Piracy and Kidnapping in the Sulu-Celebes Sea

02 May 2017 By Reginald Ramos

The recent revitalisation of the diplomatic efforts between the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia surrounding the Sulu-Celebes Sea seem promising, but it is only one step closer towards shifting the tides of piracy and crime on the ground.

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Russia's Robot: The End of Mankind?

20 Apr 2017 By Daniel Milford

So if it wasn’t bad enough that humans continue to threaten the peace and stability of the world, it now appears as if the robots also want to demonstrate their prowess in the time honoured tradition of killing - or so you would believe base...

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