Western Australia's Asian Engagement

Western Australia's Asian Engagement

Western Australia's Asian Engagement

By Reginald Ramos from Perth USAsia Centre | 04 May 2017

Western Australia's Asian Engagement teaser

The Hon. Bill Johnston MLA, Minister for Asian Engagement, conducted a Foreign Policy Roundtable to discuss the new West Australian Government’s (W.A) approach to Asian engagement and what it means to ‘engage with Asia’. Under Chatham House rules, some of the key talking points were:

Key takeaways

  • Australia must engage with the Asian emerging economies to remain a G30 economy
  • W.A. can offer energy/ resources, food security and technical knowledge to its Asian neighbours
  • W.A. must learn how to ‘listen’ to Asia and Asian engagement begins with cultural understanding and awareness. How can Australia engage with Asia’s soft power dominance in industries such as music and television?
  • W.A. is currently ill-prepared to engage with Asia, this is especially evident within both local and international education sector

Reginald Ramos is a Research and Program Assistant at the Perth USAsia Centre.

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